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Updates on INDAM 2020!

  1. For Bus Route Timings: Click Here
  2. For Transportation Arrangements: Click Here


To help you navigate the conference we have created two apps.

For all Desktop (Windows/Mac) and Mobile(Android/ios) users

You can use this dashboard to look up all the information about your session. You can either input the session Identifier or other details such as date, time, track information.


We have also designed an app specifically for Android Users for additional ease.Please download the app using this link:



Please sign-up in the app for using it!

Highlights of the INDAM 2020 App:
1. All the details of the conference at one place
2. Access to conference dashboard which has all the details of the sessions including location, session chairs, session coordinators, tracks, and session timings.
3. A social networking app for INDAM 2020. Post a status or click a picture (in landscape mode) and upload on the INDAM social. All registered users of the app will be able to view your posts. Use this feature as any other social networking app such as facebook!
4. Maps option for easy understanding of the venue.
5. Detailed Schedule option for the conference brochure/summary.
We hope you make the fullest at this conference.
Lets celebrate INDAM 2020.